What Is It All About?

This platform is part of an initiative where the Government of Mozambique and the World Bank have been promoting the use of open geospatial data for government disaster risk management through the Open Data for Resilience Initiative to provide technical assistance to INGC (National Disaster Management Institute) for the management and use of geospatial data to fulfil their core mandate and activities, particularly regarding contingency planning and emergency response. The aim is to improve the capacity to respond to disasters and to build the resilience of key public infrastructure in hazard-prone areas.

  1. Perform Analysis
  2. Perform an InaSAFE analysis using hazard and exposure data hosted on GeoNode. Visualize the InaSAFE analysis results as a map and infographic, and as downloadable PDF reports.

  3. Analysis List
  4. Browse previously run InaSAFE analysis results and visualize the map and report products for each analysis.

  5. Metasearch
  6. Search for datasets in other online geospatial data stores that publish their catalogues using the CSW standard.

What Can It Do?

How To Run An Analysis?

  1. Select an exposure layer (e.g. road, structure, population)
  2. Select a hazard layer (e.g. flood, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, and volcanic ash)
  3. Select an impact function

Run Analysis